On the Saturday at the Community Centre there will be a dedicated dance space with an afternoon Ceilidh, and across the village there will be various dance troops and morris teams.

Below are just some those that are confirmed:

Deorfrith Morris

The side was formed at the beginning of 2011. Deorfrith is a middle English word, meaning deer preserve or sanctuary’.photo - Copy

In 1121, William I ‘set up a great deor-frith’,   William’s ‘New Forest’ is our home territory, hence Deorfrith Morris.

Our Dances

Our repertoire is both Border and Cotswold dances. Some of these we have developed to suit our own style of dancing, whilst retaining the characteristics of the tradition.

Anonymous Morris

We are a mixed sex Border Morris side based in Poole, with an aim to promote morris among young adults. We have a very wide range of dances our in repertoire.