Our Mission Statement

Milford on Sea Music and Arts Festival has been running for over 15 years as a volunteer run community charity with the goal of increasing the profile of culture and arts in the local area, whilst raising money for local charities.

This year we have become a Not for Profit organisation to enable us to move faster and reduce our admin burden so we can spend more of our time on events.

We are no longer a committee we are a team but our goal remains the same, to work together to bring music, harmony and art to our community.

We are extending the scope of what we do beyond the festival week to include many more cultural and arts based events throughout the year, creating more awareness of local talent and raising additional funds for the charities we are supporting.

We strive to make conscious and informed decisions to increase awareness of cultural and artistic diversity, creating an inclusive, safe and culturally rewarding environment for all.

Our ethos is that we give back to our community and to the wider world so we intend to make as many ethical, green and sustainable choices as we can.  We make it a priority that our festival events have as positive an impact as possible, locally and for our planet.

We have a responsibility to be mindful of the choices we make and are aware of the impacts they have so we ask that all those involved in the festival use these guides to source their supplies where possible:

  • RECYCLED– Products and packaging made from recycled materials.
  • ORGANIC– Made from organic materials such as organic cotton.
  • SUSTAINABLY SOURCED– Made from materials that are sustainably sourced such as FSC woods etc.
  • SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE– Better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for both farmers and makers.
  • BIO-DEGRADABLE– Made from materials that will decay through the action of living organism.
  • ERADICATE SINGLE USE PLASTIC choosing instead reusable products and packaging.