Festival Cancelled 2020

We have taken the very sad decision to cancel this years festival due to the ongoing uncertainty. We are working on how we can use this wonderful events community to help those in need in the coming months.

How can you, and we, react to this Covid -19 pandemic?

One is to organise neighbourhood help. Make sure someone knocks on the doors on your streets, or in your building. Do this yourself, but more importantly, as you knock on doors build a network of people to do it. 

Even when someone is in isolation, a prior visit will mean someone can phone them every day. If you can offer or need help please contact us via the parish council, email moscovidmutualaid@gmail.com or volunteer here https://signup.com/go/XesqAoH

Action we can take.

Offer to Chat

It is a fact that we are social beings, and all need to talk and be listened to.

If you are worried or if you can offer to make calls to those in isloation please let us know and we will help to connect you.


As it maybe a long time that this carries on for there maybe need for help to move people or supplies, if you are able to offer help with this, please let us know.


Some of the most important jobs are done by people with kids, if you know of a person who works in healthcare or an essential service please help support them during this time.

Run Errands

Running errands for those unable to get out will be essential. If you need help or can offer to give it please get in contact.


With the hospitals likely to be overwhelmed very shortly. A list of firstaiders and healthworkers to help deal with minor injuries to stop the overloading of the NHS.

Other Trades

When people are isolated as with any other time things can break. Can you offer your skills to help ?