Your Input

We can’t run this festival without you, be it programme sales, barriers, bands, stalls, set design, bins, to kids activities, there’s hundreds of jobs that need to be done. If you feel like lending a hand we promise to love you forever. Email us on

Help out at the festival now.
The signup list for volunteering is now live.

( on @SignUpdotcom today!

We were in need of around 70 volunteers who are an integral part of the festival team. This wonderful event is run by a small but dedicated team of volunteers, who give up much of their free time to plan, organise and coordinate this much-loved local event. It’s no easy task, and we weren’t sure if we could guarantee an event this year given the challenges we were facing.

However, thanks to the generosity of several local businesses and individuals, we are pleased to announce that the festival is still going ahead from the 8th-14th July.

But, we do still need volunteers to help run the event this year. If you’re 16+ and think that you may be able to help with any aspect of the festival this year, then please get in touch at It’s a brilliant experience from both sides of the barrier, whether you’re an attendee or a volunteer with us!

We look forward to seeing you down in the village this July