High Jinks at Festival Headquarters

In something reminiscent of a P.G. Woodhouse Jeeves and Wooster plot, we have been having a most farcical week here at the festival.

As some of you will know, we have printed the programme, which is now available in the Milford Newsagents and Hollands, (filled with fabulous information about the festival line up, events and new venues). At the time of printing we intended the Church service to be at 10am, then were surprised to find a typo made it 11am.

So after having already distributed the programme, we were abashed.

We took them back and started to hand correct them to 10am (writing lines as punishment).

After changing 250 by hand (discovering a bunch of other mistakes), we decided there had to be an easier way, so considered a reprint. But as this is a free festival the costs were too prohibitive.

We settled on a corrections sheet and were about to add them to the programme when we got a call from the church to say they had decided 11am was a better time for the Service on the Green and that they had already added it to their magazine.

At which point the old programme was returned to the shops without the corrections sheet with the wrong time on it (hand corrected to 10am).

We now only need to cut the wrong time off the bottom of the corrections sheet, but are instead resting (in the words of Jerome K Jerome ‘I like work; it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours.’).  THE END.


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