Become a Friend

Why become a friend?  Well, good question. Because you are a wonderful and amazing soul who will go straight heaven, or maybe just get discounts that count on things that matter to you, like music events, comedy nights and plays. Plus local businesses.

We really want to maintain the variety of the acts, and continue to present high quality music – classical, popular and jazz, promote top class acts, comedy, talks and arts and encourage local talent to produce the dynamic display Milford On Sea has become used to for the coming years.

Developing a core of committed Friends will help us do this.  There are three different levels of support, each with a range of benefits. But mostly it is about keeping the festival fabulous.

The subscription year runs from January to December but if you join during the Festival we will extend your membership until 31st December on the following year.

Once a member of the Friends you become a member of Milford on Sea Friends of the Festival

Full details and payment options are here

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