As we will be celebrating so many things over the coming year, the memorial to Cornwallis, fifty years since the “Summer of 69” and the moon landing not mention Milford on Sea bid to join the “Plastic Free Communities” and the 1.5 pledge.

It is a going to be one to remember with our chosen charities being ones that are helping the local environment through education and action. We couldn’t wait until July so see below the exciting events we’re running throughout the year.

Upcoming Events 2019

1 March First Friday Lunch 12pm £6 MOSCC

2 March Big Info Day -Free @MOSCC

9 March 2019- Super Funk in the House! 7.30pm £15 MOSCC

We are inviting all you super cool night owls out to play! Dress code:1969 Flower Power –  You do not want to miss this sell out event. Dress up in your widest flares and highest boots for live music by the magical Midnight Alliance


This is going to be a very groovy evening, dance to a fusion of latin, funk, jazz, soul, disco with ready to drop elation bombs by ten of Bournemouth’s finest. Tickets available at the Milford on Sea Community Centre (MOSCC).

30th Mar 2019- NFO Spring Concert All Saints Church £10

More to follow, but just know it will a moving and sparkling event. Tickets are available at the Milford on Sea Community Centre (MOSCC).

18th May 2019- “1969” Casino Night 7.30pm £17.50 MOSCC

This was a sell out event last year, as it promises to be again this year. We are lucky enough to have the casino take over and this year’s theme of the year “1969” and whatever that means to you, be it moon landing or flower power, it gives you free rain to go wild and come as your best alien, spaceman, or just yourselves. Roulette, Black Jack, DJ and Dancing.